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Aha! Now you know what to serve at the next birthday party, and what’s likely to pass the classroom test. All of our snacks are wheat and gluten free, available in larger sizes for the whole gang or single servings, perfect for every day lunches and outings. Plus they’re so delicious, we dare you to tell the difference between our snacks and those other ones (the ones with preservatives and such, no naming names). The next time that stomach rumbles, enjoy without worry or guilt.

Our Snacks Products:

Popcorn Turkey Corn Dogs

Allergy Friendly. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or afternoon snack, Ian's Allergy-Friendly Popcorn Turkey Corndogs combine antibiotic and hormone free mini turkey hot dogs...

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Snickerdoodle Cookie Buttons

Allergy Friendly. Peanut Free. New name, same crunchy delisiousness. Our sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor buttons are now called Snickerdoodle. All of Ian's cookie buttons...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Buttons

Allergy Friendly. Peanut Free. Ian's allergy-friendly cookie buttons are now certified peanut free making it easier than ever to take along as your favorite snack! These...

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Supreme French Bread Pizza

Allergy Friendly. Made with uncured pepperoni (no nitrites), sausage, sassy sauce AF cheese and fresh vegetables, Ian's NEW Supreme Pizza is a savory, satisfying way to...

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Sausage Pancrepes

Finally! No more boring breakfasts for those with food allergies or anyone who just craves plain deliciousness! Ian’s Allergy-Friendly, Gluten-Free Sausage Pancrepes are a...

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Blueberry Pancrepes

Ian's Blueberry Pancrepes are a fruity and satisfying meal for breakfast and they also make a great snack or dessert! Made with all-natural blueberries wrapped up in a...

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Apple Pancrepes

Ian's Apple Pancrepes are made with all-natural diced apples lightly sprinkled with cinnamon then wrapped in a delicate crepe. Not only are they perfect for breakfast, but...

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Strawberry Pancrepes

Made with fresh, all-natural strawberries then wrapped up in a light, tasty crepe, Ian's allergy-friendly, gluten-free Strawberry Pancrepes are the perfect way to start...

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