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Our latest claim to fame is onion rings. Yep, you read that correctly. We make the only gluten-free onion rings available in your grocery store. Why? Because it’s important to us that people with serious food allergies get to enjoy everyday foods that non-allergic folks probably don’t even think twice about. We also make the only alphabet-shaped potato tots that are allergy-friendly, healthy and fun for kids of all ages. As always, you’ll find no hydrogenated oils in any of our fried foods, pinky-swear.

Our Fries Products:


Allergy Friendly. Ian's Alphatots are made with top-quality potatoes, shaped into letters of the alphabet.  They're fun, tasty, and free from wheat, gluten, milk, casein,...

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Alphatots Family Pack

Allergy Friendly. What could be better than Ian's Alphatots?  Enough Alphatots to share with all your friends!  Ian's Alphatots are made with top-quality potatoes, shaped...

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Onion Rings

Allergy Friendly. The rumors are true - there's finally a delicious allergy-friendly option for those craving a classic, onion ring! Ian’s Onion Rings start with fresh cut,...

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Sweet Potato Fries

Allergy Friendly. Ian's newest allergy-friendly treat, is naturally sweet and healthy to eat!  Ian's all-natural, crispy Allergy-Friendly Sweet Potato Fries are made with...

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