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Whether it’s lunch, dinner or sometime in between, you’ll find allergy-friendly options with Ian’s. Pop some Popcorn Turkey Dogs into a thermos for a school lunch that will actually be eaten. Stock up on our French Bread Pizza to leave for the sitter, or grab a family pack of Chicken Nuggets to serve at the next birthday party – the other kids won’t even know what they’re missing. You’ll find that our selections make it easier for those with food allergies to eat ‘normal’ food - no more food discrimination! Look for our quality products in your favorite freezer section, or visit Where to Buy to find Ian’s nearby.

Our Entrées Products:

Chicken Nuggets

Allergy Friendly. Our beloved best-seller, Ian's Allergy Friendly Chicken Nuggets are a classic American favorite, made with wholesome antibiotic and hormone free skinless...

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Organic Chicken Nuggets

Contains wheat. Ian’s delicious Organic Chicken Nuggets are made with organic, free range, vegetarian-fed, white meat chicken and crunchy organic panko breadcrumbs. Easy to...

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Chicken Nuggets Family Pack

Allergy Friendly. What could be better than Ian's best-selling allergy-friendly Chicken Nuggets?  A package big enough for the whole family, of course!  Ian's...

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Chicken Patties

Allergy Friendly.  Ian's Allergy-Friendly Chicken Patties go great with ketchup, but also hit a home run with sauce and cheese for an easy Chicken Parmesean, as the star...

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Chicken Tenders

Allergy Friendly. Made with tender, juicy strips of whole-muscle chicken breasts coated with Ian's crunchy corn breading, Ian's Allergy-Friendly Chicken Tenders are a big...

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Fish Sticks

Allergy Friendly. Ever caught a minced fish?  Funny, neither have we!  Ian's Allergy-Friendly Fish Sticks are cut from whole fillets of MSC-certified sustainable Alaska...

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Chicken Nugget Kids Meal

Allergy Friendly. All the components of a allergy-friendly kids meal wrapped up in one package your little ones are sure to love!  We pack our famous Allergy-Friendly...

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Fish Sticks Family Pack

Allergy Friendly. How could Ian's make our best-selling allergy-friendly fish sticks even better?  By making a package large enough for the whole family to share!  Ian's...

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Mac & NO Cheese Sauce

Allergy Friendly. Folks with food allergies stand up and cheer, for Ian's incredible Mac and NO Cheese is here. We’ve made sure the taste is sure to please and even for...

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Cheesy French Bread Pizza

Allergy Friendly. Bring a taste of the pizzaria right to your home oven - dairy, soy & casein free mozzarella and zesty sauce atop a thick slice of gluten-free french...

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Pepperoni French Bread Pizza

Allergy Friendly. Here's a quick solution when pepperoni is a must - on some crunchy french bread with no gluten, milk/casein, eggs or nuts!  Just pop one in the oven and ...

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Popcorn Turkey Corn Dogs

Allergy Friendly. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or afternoon snack, Ian's Allergy-Friendly Popcorn Turkey Corndogs combine antibiotic and hormone free mini turkey hot dogs...

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Supreme French Bread Pizza

Allergy Friendly. Made with uncured pepperoni (no nitrites), sausage, sassy sauce AF cheese and fresh vegetables, Ian's NEW Supreme Pizza is a savory, satisfying way to...

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Smokin’ Sweet BBQ WG Chicken Nugget

Crispy and crunchy!

Rich smokehouse flavor and sweet BBQ taste.


Southwest Chicken Tenders

Authentic savory flavor with a kick of tangy peppers.